Printing & Graphic Arts

OKI shows versatile desktop unit

The OKI Pro1050 uses LED toner technology and is targeted at light and medium production volumes, on paper and synthetic materials. The white option means it can print onto metallised and dark materials, but it can also just be used as a CMYK printer. OKI said the printer was easy-to-use, with robust output suitable for…

Electronic Manufacturing Equipment

The RISC-V rundown from DAC 2020

There was a lot of activity around RISC-V, including a presentation by Imperas Software ( entitled What’s Next for RISC-V? Vectors, Verification, and Value-added Extensions. During the event, the company announced that its RISC-V reference models have been implemented by the OpenHW Group to establish the Core-V processor verification test bench which will validate open source…

CNC Metalworking & Manufacturing

Fife Fabrications invests in latest E-Brake Ultra technology

This investment in its fifth E-Brake Press Brake machine, the SafanDarley E-Brake 130-3100 Ultra, will further build its capabilities and services for its loyal customer base and create further capacity required to facilitate future growth. The first four E-Brake machines installed at Fife Fabrications in 2013 have been a great success story for the business,…

CNC Metalworking & Manufacturing

High-speed Bruderer press investment delivers major reshoring contract for HV Wooding

HV Wooding, which offers laser cutting, wire erosion, busbars, motor laminations and presswork to customers all over the world, has invested over £120,000 into new tooling and the installation of a Bruderer BSTA 25H to produce more than 28 million precision parts every year. The contract will utilise the press’ repeatable bottom dead centre accuracy…

Oil & Gas

Key security components and strategies for industrial control systems

Significant security risks and attacks against industrial control systems (ICSs) are growing in volume, and comprehensive solutions are needed. The financial and legal ramifications of breached ICSs are mounting across the world, and regulators are increasingly interested in a company’s ability to defend against cyber attacks. The fragmentation of partial solutions and the complex integration…

Electronic Manufacturing Equipment

Vector network analysis from Rigol

“The RSA5000N and the RSA3000N deliver the same performance and feature set as the current spectrum analyser models, but adds VNA capability as a standard feature,” according to the company. “With integrated Smith charts, polar charts, reflection coefficient, impedance, insertion loss and frequency response, the Spectrum analyser becomes a functional vector network analyser.” Search for new…

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