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Ensure the cleanliness of blasting, loading, and dump areas or the construction and maintenance of haul roads with dozers that directly enhance your fleet’s productivity. Komatsu mining dozers, equipped with new mainframes boasting twice the design life compared to previous models, are engineered for power and durability.

  • Up to 18% productivity increase over previous models
  • Over 20% more engine power in the reverse direction versus forward direction
  • 10% reduction in fuel consumption with automatic transmission with lockup torque converter compared to operation in manual gearshift mode

Product Features and benefits:

Lockup Torque Converter

Engineered for exceptional production, Komatsu’s lockup torque converter ensures an efficient transfer of power to the driveline. This design aims to decrease cycle times and boost overall production.


Low Undercarriage Design

The dozer is equipped with a low drive undercarriage, strategically designed to minimize wear and tear on the machine. Despite the reduced height, it maintains comfort and stability, featuring minimal moving parts to sustain high traction and production levels during dozing and ripping operations.

Structural Improvements

The D375A-8 boasts a more reliable mainframe with twice the design life compared to previous models. This enhancement is engineered to reduce maintenance costs and decrease machine downtime, contributing to improved overall efficiency.

Blade Auto-Pitch

Designed to enhance dozing efficiency and reduce operator efforts, the blade auto-pitch mode is a thoughtful feature that optimizes the dozing process, increasing overall productivity.

Ripper Auto-Return

The ergonomic ripper control lever incorporates an auto-return function. This design reduces operator fatigue by automatically raising the ripper after momentary actuation of the control lever while the machine is in reverse.

Track Shoe Slip Control

The track shoe slip control feature automatically manages engine speed, minimizing slip during ripping operations. This functionality is designed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce the workload on the operator.

Operator Comfort

The dozer prioritizes operator comfort and productivity with thoughtful design enhancements. These include an upgraded cab suspension and palm control joysticks, aiming to create a more ergonomic and user-friendly operating environment.

Single Blade Linkage

Featuring an all-new blade support structure, the dozer significantly reduces blade side sway. This new support structure also minimizes maintenance points while providing enhanced visibility compared to previous models.


Maintenance Features

Engineered to minimize planned downtime, the D375A-8 incorporates maintenance-friendly features. Centralized greasing points, a ground-level fill/evac service center, and battery and starter isolators with lockout tagout functionality contribute to efficient and streamlined maintenance processes.

Product Specifications for D375A-8:

Coolant and Lubricant Capacity refill:

  • Fuel tank: 317.0 US gal
  • Coolant: 41.5 US gal
  • Engine: 21.1 US gal
  • Torque converter, transmission, bevel gear, and steering system: 39.6 US gal
  • Final drive (Each side): 16.1 US gal


  • Model: Komatsu SAA6D170E-7
  • Type: 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged, air-to-air charge air cooler, cooled EGR
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Bore x stroke: 6.69 x 6.69 in
  • Piston displacement: 1,413 in³
  • Governor: Mid-range, electronic
  • Horsepower:
    • SAE J1995 – Gross Forward: 636 HP
    • SAE J1995 – Gross Reverse: 775 HP
    • ISO 9249 / SAE J1349* – Net Forward: 609 HP
    • ISO 9249 / SAE J1349* – Net Reverse: 748 HP
  • Rated rpm: 1,800 rpm
  • Fan drive type: Hydraulic
  • Lubrication system:
    • Method: Gear pump, force lubrication
    • Filter: Full-flow
    • *Net horsepower at the maximum speed of radiator cooling fan:
      • Forward: 580 HP
      • Reverse: 719 HP
  • U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission certified.

Final Drive:

  • Double-reduction final drive of spur and planetary gear sets to increase tractive effort and reduce gear tooth stresses for long final drive life.
  • Segmented sprocket teeth are bolt-on for easy replacement.

Hydraulic System:

  • Hydraulic control unit: Closed-center load sensing system (CLSS) designed for precise and responsive control, and for efficient simultaneous operation.
  • Hydraulic control unit: All spool control valves externally mounted beside the hydraulic tank.
  • Variable piston pump with capacity (Discharge flow) of 96.7 US gal/min (366 L/min) for implement at rated engine rpm.
  • Relief valve setting (for implement): 4,322 psi
  • Control valves: Spool control valve for Semi-U tilt dozer and U tilt dozer.
    • Blade lift: Raise, hold, lower, and float
    • Blade tilt: Right, hold, and left
    • Additional control valve required for variable digging angle multi-shank ripper and giant ripper.
    • Ripper lift: Raise, hold, and lower
    • Ripper tilt: Increase, hold, and decrease
  • Hydraulic cylinders (Double-acting, piston):
    • Blade lift: 2, Bore: 5.5 in
    • Blade Tilt (Single tilt): 1, Bore: 7.9 in
    • Blade Tilt (Dual tilt): 2, Bore: 7.9 in
    • Ripper lift: 2, Bore: 7.9 in
    • Ripper tilt: 2, Bore: 7.1 in
  • Hydraulic oil capacity (Refill):
    • Semi-U dozer or U dozer: 34.3 US gal
    • Ripper equipment (Additional volume):
      • Giant ripper: 11.9 US gal
      • Multi-shank ripper (variable): 11.9 US gal

Operating Weight:

  • Tractor weight (Including rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and standard equipment): 124,210 lbs.
  • Operating weight (Including strengthened dual tilt Semi-U dozer blade, giant ripper, 24″ extreme service shoes, cab, ROPS (ISO 3471), operator, standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, and full fuel tank. Including Semi-U tilt dozer, giant ripper, cab, ROPS, operator, standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, and full fuel tank): 161,840 lbs.
  • Ground pressure: 21.5 psi

Steering System:

  • Palm Command Control System (PCCS), joystick controlled, wet multiple-disc steering clutches are spring-loaded and hydraulically released.
  • Wet multiple-disc, pedal/lever controlled steering brakes are spring-actuated hydraulically released and require no adjustment.
  • Steering clutches and brakes are interconnected for easy, responsive steering.
  • Minimum turning radius: 13 ft. 9 in

TORQFLOW Transmission:

  • Komatsu TORQFLOW transmission consists of a water-cooled, 3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase torque converter with lockup clutch and a planetary gear, multiple-disc clutch transmission.
  • Hydraulically actuated and force-lubricated for optimum heat dissipation.
  • Gearshift lock lever and neutral safety switch prevent accidental starts.
  • Gear:
    • 1st: Forward – 2.2 mph, Reverse – 2.9 mph
    • 2nd: Forward – 4.2 mph, Reverse – 5.5 mph
    • 3rd L: Forward – 5.0 mph, Reverse – 6.0 mph
    • 3rd: Forward – 7.3 mph, Reverse – 9.8 mph


  • Suspension: Oscillating equalizer bar with shoulder pad and pivot shaft
  • Track roller frame

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