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The PC290LC-11 is a mid-size hydraulic excavator built for extended reach with a long reach arm and boom, supported by a robust undercarriage. Here are some key features:

  • Large high-strength steel castings on the boom, arm, and bucket link for durability.
  • Closed-center load-sensing hydraulics for precise and fine control.
  • Large displacement high-efficiency pumps to optimize attachment flow.
  • Spacious and quiet cab featuring a standard air suspension seat for operator comfort.

Product Features and benefits:

Efficient Hydraulic System

Large displacement hydraulic implement pumps ensure high flow output at lower engine RPM, promoting operation at the most efficient engine speed.

Advanced Hydraulic Operation

Experience smooth operation, quick cycle times, and versatile multi-functionality with the closed-center load-sensing hydraulic system. This innovation effectively lowers fuel consumption while enhancing overall excavator performance.

Built to Last

Designed for long-term durability, the excavator boasts high resistance to bending and torsional stress. Thick plates of high tensile strength steel construct booms and arms, featuring large cross-sectional areas for robust construction.

Environmental Responsibility

Addressing environmental concerns, the heavy-duty aftertreatment system combines a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It efficiently injects the correct amount of diesel exhaust fluid to decompose nitrogen oxide, resulting in cleaner emissions.

Convenient Maintenance Access

Engine oil check and filter locations are intelligently integrated into one side, ensuring easy access for maintenance tasks and minimizing downtime.

Ergonomic Excellence

The advanced ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort. The excavator’s wide, spacious cab includes a heated air suspension seat with a reclining backrest. Adjustable seat height and position, along with easily maneuverable armrests, contribute to a comfortable working environment.

Information Hub

Stay informed with an updated, large, high-resolution LCD color monitor that provides key machine information in a user-friendly interface. Features such as a rearview camera and DEF level gauge display are added to the default main screen.

Safety First

Rollover protection is guaranteed with a ROPS cab conforming to ISO 12117-2 standards. It satisfies requirements for level 1 operator protective guard (OPG) and top guard (ISO 10262), ensuring a secure working environment.

Enhanced Productivity

Implementing multi-operator productivity features, an operator identification ID can be set up for each operator. This data is then used to manage operation information, allowing analysis of operation status by both operator and machine.

Fuel Efficiency Management

Reduce fuel consumption and minimize exhaust emissions with the auto idle shutdown feature. The engine automatically shuts down after idling for a set period, programmable from 5 to 60 minutes.

Durability and Maintenance Ease

Designed for durability, large heavy-duty revolving frame guards and a swivel guard protect vital components from damage and debris build-up. Additionally, a new step provides easier access for filling the AdBlue/DEF tank, contributing to overall maintenance ease.

Product Specifications for PC290LC-11:


  • Model: Komatsu SAA6D107E-3
  • Type: Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
  • Aspiration: Komatsu variable geometry turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Bore: 4.21 in
  • Stroke: 4.88 in
  • Piston displacement: 408 in³
  • Horsepower:
    • SAE J1995 – Gross: 213 HP
    • ISO 9249/SAE J1349 – Net: 196 HP
  • Rated rpm: 2,050 rpm
  • Fan drive type: Mechanical
  • Governor: All-speed control, electronic.
  • EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified


  • Type: HydrauMind (Hydraulic Mechanical Intelligence New Design) system, closed-center system with load sensing valves and pressure-compensated valves
  • Number of selectable working modes: 6
  • Main pump:
    • Type: Variable displacement piston type
    • Pumps for: Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
    • Maximum flow: 126.5 US gpm
  • Supply for control circuit: Self-reducing valve
  • Hydraulic motors:
    • Travel: 2 x axial piston motor with parking brake
    • Swing: 1 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake
  • Relief valve setting:
    • Implement circuits: 5,400 psi
    • Travel circuit: 5,400 psi
    • Swing circuit: 4,190 psi
    • Pilot circuit: 470 psi
  • Hydraulic cylinders:
    • Boom / 2: 5.5 x 51.2 x 3.9 in
    • Arm / 1: 5.9 x 64.3 x 4.3 in
    • Bucket / 1: 5.5 x 39.7 x 3.9 in

Drives and Brakes:

  • Steering control: Two levers with pedals
  • Drive method: Hydrostatic
  • Maximum drawbar pull: 56,000 lbs.
  • Gradeability: 70%, 35°
  • Maximum travel speed (Auto-Shift):
    • High: 3.4 mph
    • Mid: 2.5 mph
    • Low: 1.9 mph
  • Service brake: Hydraulic lock
  • Parking brake: Mechanical disc brake

Swing System:

  • Drive method: Hydrostatic
  • Swing reduction: Planetary gear
  • Swing circle lubrication: Grease-bathed
  • Service brake: Hydraulic lock
  • Holding brake/Swing lock: Mechanical disc brake
  • Swing speed: 10.5 rpm
  • Swing torque: 64,292 ft.-lbs.


  • Center frame: X-frame
  • Track frame: Box-section
  • Seal of track: Sealed track
  • Track adjuster: Hydraulic
  • Number of shoes: 48 each side
  • Number of carrier rollers: 2 each side
  • Number of track rollers: 8 each side

Sound Performance:

  • Exterior – ISO 6395: 104 dB(A)
  • Operator – ISO 6396: 70 dB(A)

Coolant & Lubricant Capacity (Refilling):

  • Fuel tank: 105.7 US gal
  • Coolant: 9.5 US gal
  • Engine: 6.1 US gal
  • Final drive, each side: 2.1 US gal
  • Swing drive: 1.9 US gal
  • Hydraulic tank: 34.9 US gal
  • Hydraulic system: 66.8 US gal
  • DEF tank: 6.1 US gal

Operating Weight (Approximate): Operating weight, including 20 ft. 2 in one-piece boom, 10 ft. 6 in arm, SAE heaped 1.85 yd³ backhoe bucket, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and standard equipment:

  • Shoes 28 in: Operating Weight: 67,395 lbs. Ground Pressure: 7.71 psi
  • Shoes 31.5 in: Operating Weight: 68,233 lbs. Ground Pressure: 6.83 psi
  • Shoes 33.5 in: Operating Weight: 68,654 lbs. Ground Pressure: 6.47 psi

Component Weights:

  • Arm including bucket cylinder and linkage:
    • 10 ft. 6 in arm assembly: 3,157 lbs.
    • 11 ft. 6 in arm assembly: 3,316 lbs.
  • One-piece boom including arm cylinder:
    • 20 ft. 2 in boom assembly: 5,397 lbs.
    • Boom cylinders x 2: 509 lbs.
  • Counterweight: 12,148 lbs.
  • 1.85 yd³ bucket – 48 in width: 2,399 lbs.

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