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Your operational success hinges on your capacity to efficiently harvest in expansive timber and demanding forests. Engineered for power and dependability, the S172 head is an excellent fit for our 951 wheeled harvester and is also compatible with other brands.

  • Features a powerful two-motor and two-feed roller design
  • Equipped with rugged cast iron knives for enhanced durability
  • Robust butt saws ensure consistent production output

Product Features and benefits:

Advanced Feed System: The machine features two feed motors and two driven feed rollers, ensuring excellent pressure contact points to effectively squeeze the stem. The Flex Friction Control system uses advanced sensors and intelligence to maintain low friction without compromising delimbing quality.

Rugged Delimbing Knife System: Equipped with three hydraulically controlled delimbing knives, a fourth moving vertical knife, and a fifth pre-delimbing knife, this system delivers high performance. The cast iron knife construction ensures durability.

Highly Efficient Cutting System: Powered by a 30 cm3 saw motor, the system drives a rugged 32.5-in (825 mm) saw bar and chain. It includes automatic cut control, chain tensioning, and chain oiling for efficient cutting throughout the day.

Accurate Length/Diameter Measuring Systems: The patented length-measuring wheel cylinder design maintains constant pressure to closely follow stem irregularities. A fine-end photocell sensor ensures excellent accuracy. The four-point diameter measuring system provides superior diameter measurement.

MaxiXT Smart Control System: This state-of-the-art control system features an intuitive graphical interface to manage all aspects of head control and performance. It allows easy programming of individual operator control preferences and production parameters such as tree species, length, and diameter.

Excellent Reliability and Serviceability: Computer and hydraulic hoses/tubes are well-protected, ensuring high reliability. All daily service can be performed at ground level without repositioning the machine. Centralized lubrication points further reduce service time.

Product Specifications for S172:


  • Max Width: 76.3 in
  • Height incl. Rotator: 87.5 in
  • Height to Vertical Knife: 68.8 in
  • Opening Knives, Upper: 29.8 in
  • Opening Knives, Lower: 30.4 in
  • Roller Opening, Max: 28.1 in


  • Weight: Dry weight from 3,693 lbs.
  • Feed Speed: 0 – 16.4 ft./s
  • Gross Feed Force: 9,037 lbf.
  • Feed Wheel Type: Steel Rollers
  • Delimbing Knives, Number: 4
  • Delimbing Knives, Opening: 19.7 in
  • Bar: 35.4 in
  • Saw Motor: 7.48 / 11.8 in³/rev
  • Fell/Cut Diameter Theoretical Max: 29.5 in
  • Max Hydraulic Flow: 79 gpm
  • Max Hydraulic Pressure: 4,061 psi


  • Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries.
  • The specification describes possible equipment, not what is standard or optional.
  • Stated weights are based on standard equipment.
  • Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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