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The XT445L-5 stands as our versatile tracked feller buncher, designed for all-purpose use. Its heavy-duty four-way leveling system allows it to navigate challenging sloped terrain with ease. This machine is built for heightened productivity, incorporating performance features like an advanced cab and smart design for easy serviceability.

  • Achieves significantly greater lift capacity at full reach
  • Boasts 10% more horsepower, 16% more torque, and 5% lower fuel consumption
  • Maximizes uptime with optimized serviceability, Komtrax, and Komatsu Care

Product Features and benefits:

Outstanding Serviceability: The gull-wing engine hood of the XT-5 folds down, providing easy access to all engine service points and doubling as an elevated work platform. Four additional swing-out doors open wide for convenient servicing of key components. All major service points are easily and quickly accessible.

Exceptional Maneuverability and Multifunctioning: The XT-5 offers easy navigation through dense forests with its short-tail swing. The proven set-back boom design allows cutting close to the tracks, and powerful swing torque supports demanding applications. The closed-loop track drive with dedicated pumps enables simultaneous operation of travel, swing, boom, and tools for increased productivity.

Increased Lift Capacity: Refined boom and arm geometry result in significantly greater lift capacity at full reach compared to previous models. The machine maintains excellent balance between boom lift and arm holding capacity, and it can be equipped with various Quadco high-speed disc saws.

Engineered Modern Forestry Cab: The XT-5 features an ergonomic and comfortable forestry cab with excellent visibility, especially of the tracks. Positioned on the left side, the cab has a sloped roofline for added headroom. It includes a high-capacity automatic air conditioner, heater, defroster, and an optional premium seat that is heated/cooled.

Customizable Operator Controls: The advanced IQAN-MD4 digital control system allows customized control patterns and rates for up to three different operators, ensuring precision and maximizing multi-operator productivity.

Rugged Undercarriage: Designed with Komatsu engineering expertise, the rugged undercarriage provides significantly longer service life and day-to-day reliability.

Powerful, Fuel-Efficient Engine: The XT-5 is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient Cummins QSL9 engine, offering 10% more horsepower, 16% more torque, and up to 5% lower fuel consumption compared to XT-3 models. It is EPA Tier 4 final emissions certified.

Hydraulic Protection: The robust forestry-specific guarding system covers the boom/arm/rear hydraulic tubes and hoses, protecting them from operational hazards and debris.

Four-Way Leveling System: The heavy-duty four-way cab leveling system provides simultaneous front/rear/side leveling to ensure operator performance and safety on sloped terrain.

Reduced Hydraulic Oil Needs: The innovative hydraulic tank system design requires 55% less hydraulic oil compared to XT-3 models, reducing maintenance costs.

Standard Komtrax: The XT-5 comes with a standard telematics system, Komtrax, allowing easy monitoring of vehicle usage insights to boost productivity and control costs. It records data such as location, operation map, fuel consumption, and notifies when maintenance is due.

Komatsu Care: Every new Komatsu XT-5 is covered by the Komatsu Care maintenance program for the first three years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first). The program covers most regular service, inspection, filter and fluid replacement, and labor – all conducted at your location, using only genuine Komatsu fluids and filters.

Product Specifications for XT445L-5:


  • Model: Cummins QSL9 diesel engine
  • Type: Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
  • Aspiration: VGT™ Turbocharger, infinitely adjustable with electronic controls. High-pressure fuel injection, in-cylinder advanced combustion technology, cooled EGR.
  • Number of Cylinders: Inline, 6-cylinder
  • Bore: 4.49 in
  • Stroke: 5.69 in
  • Piston Displacement: 9L, 543 in³
  • Horsepower:
    • Peak: 331 HP @ 1,600 rpm
    • Rated: 300 HP @ 2,000 working rpm
  • Peak Torque: 1,160 lbs.-ft. @ 1,600 rpm
  • Fan Drive Type: Hydraulic
  • Complies with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standard

Electrical System:

  • Type: 24 V with master disconnect
  • Alternator: 24 V, 100A
  • Work Lights: 11 LED


  • Implement Pump: Variable displacement piston, Max Flow 86 gpm
  • Attachment Pump: Variable displacement piston, Max Flow 53 gpm
  • Saw Pump: Variable displacement piston, Max Flow 38 gpm
  • Track Drive Pump: 2x Variable displacement piston, Max Flow 44 gpm
  • Fan Pump: 2x Gear, Max Flow 11 gpm
  • Charge Pump: 2x Gear, Max Flow 25 gpm
  • Travel Motor: Variable displacement piston
  • Swing Motor: Fixed displacement bent axis piston
  • Cooling: Independent Radiator/CAC/Hydraulic oil coolers with thermostatically controlled fans

Drive and Brakes:

  • Drive Method: Hydrostatic, independent closed loop
  • Steering Control: Foot Pedals
  • Max Travel Speed:
    • High: 2.9 mph
    • Low: 1.3 mph
  • Max Tractive Effort: 75,799 lbf.
  • Service Brake: Hydraulic
  • Parking Brake: Hydraulic

Leveling System:

  • Type: 2-cylinder, 4-way heavy duty
  • Leveling Angle:
    • Front: 27° / 51%
    • Rear: 5° / 9%
    • Side/Side: 20° / 36%

Swing System:

  • Rotation: Continuous rotation
  • Bearing: Heavy duty, 22-bolt Single row bearing
  • Drive Method: Hydrostatic
  • Swing Speed: 0 to 7.0 rpm
  • Swing Torque: 58,341 lbs.-ft.
  • Swing Brake: Dynamic
  • Parking Brake: Hydraulic


  • Car Body: HD boxed frame structure with flat bottom and storage trunk
  • Track Frame: Box-section, bolted
  • Track Type: Grease sealed
  • Number of Shoes/Links: 46 per side
  • Track Rollers: 8 per side
  • Bushings & Rollers: Standard
  • Track Pitch: 8.5 in

Boom Performance:

  • Lifting Capacity* @ 5′ Pin Height (less attachment):
    • @ 10′: 26,235 lbs.
    • @ 15′: 17,637 lbs.
    • @ 20′: 10,582 lbs.
    • @ Full Reach: 9,921 lbs.
  • *Feller buncher boom and arm, designed for 20-22″ in high-speed disc saws.

Coolant & Lubricant Capacity (Refilling):

  • Fuel Tank: 172 US gal
  • Cooling System: 9.43 US gal
  • Engine Oil Pan: 4.99 US gal
  • Final Drive per Side: 2.91 US gal
  • Swing Gear Box: 1.14 US gal
  • Hydraulic Tank: 57 US gal
  • DEF: 15 US gal
  • Gear Box (PTO): 1.63 US gal
  • Hood Tilt: 1.19 US gal

Operating Weight (less attachment):

  • Track Shoes: SG 24 in
  • Operating Weight*: 72,091 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure: 9.7 psi
  • *Operating weight includes feller buncher boom, feller buncher arm, 1/2 tank of fuel, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, operator, and standard equipment.

Further information on this machine can be viewed by visiting this link https://www.komatsu.com/products/forestry/tracked-feller-bunchers/xt445l-5

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