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The Komatsu 320XPC Blasthole Drills are advanced and powerful machines specifically designed for efficient and productive drilling in large-scale mining applications. These drills incorporate cutting-edge technology and robust construction to meet the demanding requirements of blasthole drilling, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the mining industry.

Key Features of the Komatsu 320XPC Blasthole Drills:

  1. High Drilling Efficiency:
    • The 320XPC drills are equipped with powerful capabilities, ensuring efficient and rapid penetration through various rock formations.
    • High drilling efficiency is a key feature, contributing to increased productivity in blasthole drilling operations.
  2. Precision Hole Size Control:
    • These drills offer precision in controlling hole sizes, allowing for accurate customization based on specific mining requirements.
    • Consistent and controlled hole sizes contribute to effective blasting operations.
  3. Advanced Drilling Technology:
    • Incorporating state-of-the-art drilling technology, the 320XPC features intelligent systems for precise and controlled drilling operations.
    • Automation features enhance accuracy and optimize the positioning of blastholes, maximizing the effectiveness of the blasting process.
  4. Durable Construction:
    • Built to withstand the harsh conditions of mining environments, the drills feature a robust and durable construction.
    • High-quality materials and components ensure longevity and reliability, minimizing downtime for maintenance.
  5. Operator-Focused Design:
    • The design prioritizes operator comfort and ease of use with a spacious and well-designed operator cabin.
    • Ergonomic controls create a comfortable working environment, reducing operator fatigue during extended drilling operations.
  6. Efficient Dust Control:
    • Effective dust control measures are integrated into the design, promoting a safer and healthier working environment.
    • Dust suppression features contribute to improved visibility and air quality around the drill site.
  7. Intelligent Control Systems:
    • The drills utilize intelligent control systems for monitoring and optimizing drilling parameters.
    • Real-time data feedback, diagnostics, and automation features enhance operational efficiency and precision.
  8. Mobility and Adaptability:
    • The 320XPC is designed for mobility on the drill site, allowing for easy repositioning to adapt to changing geological conditions.
    • This mobility is essential for optimizing drilling patterns and adjusting to different mining requirements.
  9. Environmental Considerations:
    • The drills adhere to modern environmental standards, incorporating features that promote energy efficiency and minimize the ecological impact of drilling operations.

In summary, the Komatsu 320XPC Blasthole Drills stand as advanced solutions for blasthole drilling in large-scale mining. With a focus on efficiency, precision, and durability, these drills are equipped to meet the challenges of demanding mining applications.

Powerful Pulldown: Equipped with an electric top-drive rack-and-pinion pulldown, the drill ensures positive bit loading, reducing wear on components. This robust and precise pulldown mechanism efficiently transmits force into the bit, contributing to increased durability and availability.

Rugged Masts: The drill masts are designed for high loads, employing finite element analysis to achieve fatigue-resistant structures and minimize downtime and repair costs associated with cracks. Constructed with standard high-strength alloy steel, the mast provides sturdy support for the rotary carriage and drill string.

Superior Propulsion: Built for durability, the mainframes and crawler frames withstand harsh conditions in hard-rock mining. The combination of rugged crawlers and powerful hydrostatic propel drives delivers maneuverability, gradeability, and fast set-ups.

Ample, Reliable Air Compressors: The drill offers a range of dependable, mining-duty compressors to meet specific bailing air needs in mine operations. The compressors on the 320XPC ensure quality service.

Superior Operator Visibility: Operators benefit from a wide view of drilling and surrounding areas, facilitated by windows and video technology that enhance situational awareness during drilling and propelling. The operator’s chair swivels to face the direction of travel, simplifying repositioning.

Productive Operator Environment: The FOPS Level II-certified structure prioritizes operator comfort and productivity, featuring shatter-resistant glass, ergonomic controls, intuitive displays, and an adjustable air seat suspension with viscous cab mounts to mitigate vibrations.

Easy-Access Deck Design: Safety and serviceability are emphasized with an efficient deck layout that provides wide walkways. Operators have ample space to quickly and easily change bits and pipes on the large rear deck.

Advanced Diagnostics: The Centurion electrical control system incorporates intelligent sensors and input/output devices to precisely monitor and control hundreds of points on the drill, enhancing performance and reliability through advanced diagnostics.

PreVail RHM: The PreVail RHM system translates data into actionable insights, supporting the drill’s productivity with timely and efficient machine health and performance data.

Built to Withstand Arctic Conditions: Designed to operate in low temperatures, the 320XPC is equipped with harsh-climate systems and features to ensure performance in some of the coldest environments.

High-Altitude Performance: The P&H 320XPC is designed to provide consistent drilling equipment performance at altitudes over 14,000 ft (4,250 m), showcasing power and air capacity for productivity in high-altitude locations.

Weak Power Grid Protection: An optional soft start transformer mitigates starts on weak power grids by reducing the initial inrush current by over 75%, controlling power infrastructure costs, and promoting extended main motor and compressor longevity.

Product Specifications for 320XPC:

Working Ranges:

  • Hole Diameter: 10 5/8 – 17 1/2 in
  • Maximum Single Pass Hole Depth:
    • Standard: 65 ft.
    • Optional: 70 ft.
  • Maximum Multi-Pass Hole Depth:
    • Single Pipe Rack: 130 ft.
    • Dual Pipe Rack: 195 ft.
  • Maximum Bit Loading: 150,000 lbs.


  • Construction: Lattice type using alloy steel structural shapes
  • Mast:
    • Standard: 65 ft.
    • Optional: 70 ft.
  • Raising and Lowering: Two hydraulic cylinders standard diameter: 10.5 in


  • Design: DC electric motor-driven chainless rack and pinion design
  • Bit Loading (Maximum): 150,000 lbs.
  • Drill Feed: Up to 16 ft./min
  • Hoist: Up to 105 ft./min

Pipe Handling:

  • Type: Parallelogram-style pipe rack, one rack is standard
  • Pipe Size: Diameter: 9.25 – 13.625 in
  • Options: Additional pipe rack, up to two total
  • Auxiliary Equipment: Standard deck wrench
  • Auxiliary Winch: Capacity: 14,000 lbs.
  • Breakout Wrench: P&H brand SureWrench

Rotary Machinery:

  • Design: Dual DC P&H electric motors, independent ABB DCS 880 drives control
  • Rotation Speed: 0-119 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: Up to 25,000 ft.-lbs.

Lower Works and Propel:

  • Crawler Type: Heavy-duty lug and tumbler drive system, Komatsu design
  • Shoe Width:
    • Standard: 36 in
    • Optional: 44 in
  • Propel Machinery: Dual hydrostatic planetary drive with sprint set, hydraulic release brake, 310 HP
  • Propel Speed (Maximum):
    • High (60 Hz): 1.0 mph
    • High (50 Hz): 0.8 mph
    • Low (60 Hz): 0.6 mph
    • Low (50 Hz): 0.5 mph
  • Maximum Grade: 20%
  • Take-up Adjustment: Jack and shim

Air System:

  • Compressor: Gardner-Denver SSY Series oil-flood screw type
  • Available Volumes:
    • Standard: 3,450 CFM*
    • Optional: 3,850 CFM*
  • Operating Pressure: 65 psi

Hydraulic System:

  • Main System: Closed loop design utilizing dual variable-displacement piston pumps for propel
  • Auxiliary System: Open loop design utilizing vane pumps for mast raising, machine leveling, and pipe handling
  • Control Valves: Manifold mounted electro-hydraulic, PLC controlled – Discrete 24VDC Solenoid
  • Hydraulic Lines: Extensive use of high-pressure steel tubing
  • Filtration: 3-micron return filters, 5-micron high-pressure filters, 3-micron charge filters, magnetic suction strainers

Electrical System:

  • Incoming Power:
    • 60 Hz: 4,160 V/7,200 3-phase
    • 50 Hz: 6,600 V or 7,200 V 3-phase
  • Recommended Supply Transformer: Minimum 1.5MVA continuous, 6MVA minimum short circuit at drill
  • High Voltage Switchgear: External disconnect at trail cable junction box, high voltage load break disconnect, and high voltage vacuum contactor for the main drive motor and drives
  • Main Drive Motor:
    • Standard: 700 HP
    • Optional: 1,000 HP
  • Electrical Control:
    • Centurion supervisory controller provides direct integrated communication with motor drives
    • Centurion I/O system uses ‘Profibus’ communication protocol
    • Centurion information system’s enhanced graphical user interface (GUI)
    • System is PreVail RHM-ready and comes with a one-year free subscription to PreVail RHM

Weights – Approximate:

  • Operating Weight (Maximum): 400,000 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight with Mast: 339,400 lbs.
  • Ground Bearing Pressure for Track Pads:
    • 36 in Shoes: 29.0 psi
    • 44 in Shoes: 22.6 psi

Leveling Jacks:

  • Cylinders: Four (4) 10 in diameter x 66 in stroke
  • Jack Pads:
    • Standard: Diameter: 30 in – 129 psi
    • Optional: Diameter: 50 in – 46 psi
  • Auto Level: Standard feature

Operator Cab:

  • Type: Rear-mounted with vibration and noise suppression
  • Noise: <80 dB while driving
  • Controls: PLC controlled, backlit for night operation
  • Glazing: Shatter-resistant, laminated glass on all sides, roof window with guard
  • Climate Control: Mine air systems HVAC unit available providing pressurization and filtration
  • Falling Objection Protection: FOPS level II


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