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The Komatsu ZR77 Blasthole Drills represent cutting-edge technology and high-performance capabilities tailored for efficient and precise drilling in large-scale mining operations. These drills are engineered to handle blasthole drilling with advanced features that contribute to increased productivity, accuracy, and operational efficiency.

Key Features of the Komatsu ZR77 Blasthole Drills:

  1. High Drilling Performance: The ZR77 Blasthole Drills are equipped with powerful drilling capabilities, allowing them to efficiently penetrate various rock formations. This high-performance drilling is essential for achieving optimal blasthole specifications in mining applications.
  2. Versatile Hole Sizes: Designed for versatility, the drills can produce blastholes of various sizes to accommodate specific mining requirements. This adaptability allows for flexibility in blasting operations tailored to the geological conditions of the site.
  3. Advanced Drilling Technology: Incorporating advanced drilling technology, the ZR77 features intelligent systems that contribute to precise and controlled drilling operations. Automation features enhance the accuracy of hole placement, optimizing blasting effectiveness.
  4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demanding conditions of mining operations, these blasthole drills feature a robust and durable construction. High-quality materials and components ensure longevity and reliability, minimizing downtime for maintenance.
  5. Operator-Friendly Design: The design prioritizes operator comfort and ease of use. The operator cabin is spacious, well-designed, and equipped with ergonomic controls, creating a comfortable working environment. This helps reduce operator fatigue during extended drilling operations.
  6. Efficient Dust Control: Effective dust control measures are integrated into the design to create a safer and healthier working environment. Dust suppression features contribute to improved visibility and air quality around the drill site.
  7. Intelligent Control Systems: The drills utilize intelligent control systems for monitoring and optimizing drilling parameters. This includes real-time data feedback, diagnostics, and automation features that enhance operational efficiency and precision.
  8. High Mobility: The ZR77 is designed for high mobility on the drill site, allowing it to be easily repositioned for different drilling locations. This mobility is crucial for adapting to changing geological conditions and optimizing drilling patterns.
  9. Environmental Considerations: Komatsu emphasizes environmental sustainability, and the ZR77 is designed with features that align with modern environmental standards. This includes energy-efficient systems and technologies to minimize the ecological impact of drilling operations.

In summary, the Komatsu ZR77 Blasthole Drills are state-of-the-art machines engineered to meet the demands of large-scale mining operations. Their combination of high drilling performance, advanced technology, and operator-friendly design positions them as valuable assets for achieving efficient and precise blasthole drilling in the mining industry.

Robust Boxer-Style Mast Construction: The innovative solid boxer-style mast construction enhances structural reliability and minimizes maintenance time. This robust design contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the equipment.

Intelligent Compressor Control: The intelligent compressor control feature empowers the operator to regulate the air amount directed into the hole. This capability not only aids in managing power and fuel consumption but also effectively controls bailing velocity, leading to reduced operating costs.

Auto-Bit Handling: The auto-bit carousel is a groundbreaking feature designed to minimize bit change downtime. This innovation allows for quick adaptation to a new hole diameter, enabling operators to efficiently adjust the drill pattern for optimal fragmentation.

Drill Automation System with Remote Control Operation: Enhance drill utilization and reduce operator inefficiencies with the drill automation system featuring remote control operation. The system supports both single and multiunit high-precision GPS (HPGPS) for effective control, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Auto Navigation Capability with HPGPS: The auto navigation capability with high-precision GPS (HPGPS) significantly improves the precision of hole locations within drill patterns, thereby boosting productivity. Furthermore, it enables the movement of the drill between holes without requiring the operator inside the cab.

Single and Multipass Angle Drilling: The drill rig offers versatility by allowing operators to perform multiple functions with a single unit. Automatic mast positioning and adaptive auto-leveling enhance the efficiency of single and multipass angle drilling, providing flexibility in various drilling scenarios.

Product Specifications for ZR77

Working Ranges:

  • Hole Diameter: 7 7/8 to 10 5/8 in
  • Maximum Single Pass: 55 ft.
  • Maximum Multi-pass: 280 ft.
  • Maximum Bit Loading: 77,000 lbs.


  • Mast Construction: Structural plate steel
  • Mast Raising Cylinders: Hydraulic (2x)
  • Carriage/Rotary Head Travel: 62.5 ft.
  • Maximum Bit Loading: 77,000 lbs.
  • Mast Length (Single Pass): 75.0 ft.
  • Mast Length (Multi-pass): 61.0 ft.
  • Mast Width: 39.4 in
  • Mast Depth: 39.5 in
  • Angle Drilling (Option): 5° increments

Air System:

  • Compressor Type: Rotary screw, oil-flooded
  • Standard Output: 2,000 CFM, Operating Pressure: 100 psi
  • Optional Output: 2,700 CFM, Operating Pressure: 100 psi
  • DTH Output (Standard): 1,500 CFM @ 350 psi
  • DTH Output (Optional): 1,500 CFM @ 500 psi
  • Compressor Control: Electrically actuated, CANbus

Pipe Handling:

  • Type:
    • Single-pass: 2 pipe carousel for 110 ft. total depth
    • Multi-pass: Up to a 6 pipe rotary carousel 280 ft. total depth
  • Pipe Size, Carousel Capacity, Diameter, Maximum Depth:
    • 4, 219 mm or less, 8 5/8 in. or less, 200 ft.
    • 5, 219 mm or less, 8 5/8 in. or less, 240 ft.
    • 6, 194 mm or less, 7 5/8 in. or less, 280 ft.
  • Options: Ability to handle 25 ft. pipe


  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Standard): 400 gal
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Optional): 625 gal
  • Water Tank Capacity (Standard): 400 gal
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 300 gal
  • OGL Tank Capacity: 18 gal
  • Ground Level Battery and Starter Isolation
  • Quick Fluid Service System (Fuel, Hydraulic, Engine Oil, Coolant, Compressor Oil, Grease, and Water) at Ground Level
  • Live Oil Sampling

Feed System:

  • Type: Rack and pinion
  • Pulldown Force: 67,900 lbf.
  • Hoisting Force: 67,900 lbf.
  • Carriage Speed (Maximum): 0 to 157.5 ft./min
  • Motor Type (Hydraulic): Variable displacement axial piston with integral brake

Power Unit:

  • Diesel Engine/Model: Non-reg. T2 and T4
  • Power Rating: 1,050 HP
  • Electric Option: 6.3 kv

Rotary Head:

  • Rated Power: 212
  • Torque (Variable) at 100 rpm: 11,000 ft.-lbs.
  • Speed (Variable): 200 rpm @ 5,500 ft.-lbs.
  • Motor Type (Hydraulic): Variable displacement axial piston

Dust Control:

  • Dust Curtains (Standard)
  • Electric Actuator for Dust Curtains (Optional)
  • Water Injection System (Standard)
  • Preheat System (for Water Injection)
  • Dry Dust Collector (Optional)

Lower Works and Propel:

  • Crawler Type: B8 excavator-type
  • Motor Type: Two-speed, variable displacement piston
  • Low Propel Speed: 0-1.16 mph
  • High Propel Speed: 0-1.94 mph
  • Travel Stability-Mast Down, Drill String Engaged: 15° (26%)
  • Travel Stability-Mast Up, Drill String Engaged: 9° (15%)
  • Shoe/Track Pad Width (Standard): 29.5 in
  • Shoe/Track Pad Width (Optional): 35.4 in
  • Ground Pressure with Standard Shoe: 18.3 psi

DTH Drilling:

  • Up to 8 in Down-the-hole hammer with 9 in maximum bit diameter

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